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In 20 years, Microlab established itself as a national multiple specialty test house pan India accredited as per ISO 17025 by NABL. Our certification is trusted in the industry. The roadmap we are pursuing is to launch facilities in other potential areas such as Hyderabad, Kerala, and Bangalore.

By 2023, Microlab envisages setting up logistics to enable the collection of material samples globally for testing. The target counties initially are:

US, Europe, and South East Asia

To bring a better customer service, a dedicated customer portal, and automation for report generation is in the works to match the global players. Expanding its critical capabilities, Microlab has been investigating failures of components on a large scale.

Microlab's target prospect base will focus on Aerospace, Specialty testing, and Heavy Engineering. By 2024, Microlab envisions rapid testing capabilities to usher in more frequent leads and conversions across our testing capabilities through continuous market outreach.