The Mechanical lab at MICROLAB perform a complete range of testing and evaluations of metals, alloys, rubbers, composites, and other materials.

Our Specimen Preparation department is designed for flexibility, capacity and speed. CNC milling and turning centres work in concert to create an infinite range of sample infinite list of materials. With our modern equipment and skilled labor force, we produce everything from standard test specimens to complicated fixtures to meet client needs.

We can add value to your test program by following appropriate test specification, test method development, observation, data analysis and interpretation.

MICROLAB’s Mechanical testing capability includes the following tests:

Tensile Testing
  • Room Temperature Tensile Test
  • Elevated Temperature Tensile Test (up to 1000 Deg C)
  • 0.2% proof stress
  • Tensile Test for fine wires/foils
  • Tor steel (TMT Bar), Rods, Sheets, Pipes, etc.
Impact Test (Up To 196 Deg C)
  • Charpy (ASTM / ISO)
  • Izod
Bend Test
  • Rebend / Root / Face / side bend test
Compression Test
Flaring (Drift Expansion) / Flattening Test
  • Rockwell Hardness Test
  • Superficial Hardness Test
  • Brinell Hardness Test
  • Micro Vickers Hardness Test
  • Vickers Hardness Test
Fasteners Test
  • Proof Load (Bolts & Nuts)
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement Test
  • Wedge Tensile Test
  • Torque Test
  • Axial Tensile Test
Welding Qualification Test (ASME/AWS/ISO)
  • Procedure Qualification
  • Production Test Qualification
  • Welder Qualification
  • Pre-stretching Test
  • Electrode Qualification
  • Nick break test
  • Compression
  • Flexural Test
  • Push out Test
  • Spring Load Test
  • Cryogenic Treatment
  • Load test
  • Crush test
  • Pull out test
  • Fracture test

MICROLAB takes pride in preparing all the required samples in-house through which all potential mishaps causing delays can be avoided.