Our scanning electron microscope coupled with x-ray analysis (EDS) is used to examine microscopic details of surfaces and sectioned samples, to identify and analyse features of interest for a wide range of investigations:

  • metallurgical fractures and Failure analysis
  • corrosion problems and evaluation of test coupons
  • surface coating evaluation and measurement
  • composite Materials.

We have expertise in analysing samples for a wide range of sectors including:

  • Automotive;
  • Aeronautics
  • Industrial;
  • Coatings
  •  hydraulics
  • Oil/Gas/Power Generation
  • Heavy Engineering
  • R&D
  • Science Projects

Its 5-axis computer controlled stage is mounted in a specimen chamber Standard automated features include focus, gun saturation, gun alignment, contrast and brightness with secondary & back scattered electron Imaging.

The Bruker EDS system is coupled to a thin-window detector for simultaneous analysis .The system has both qualitative and quantitative x-ray analysis capabilities, X-ray map acquisition, high-resolution digital imaging and image analysis.

EDS can be used to study the elemental compositions. Also EDX can be used to analyze

  • Elemental composition  at a point, Object analysis (Any field of interest).
  • Multipoint Elemental analysis.
  • Qunatitative Line scan Elemental Analysis.
  • Quantitative mapping, Phase Analysis – which can identify the phases automatically with individual phase elemental composition & color scan.