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Rubber Analysis

Microlab’s team of experts are capable of carrying out rubber testing activities. The experience in industry as well as exposure to a suite of tests help us understand our client requirements when conducting standard test procedures as well as developed methods. With an infrastructure consisting of a variety of imported equipment blended with our focus to add value to clients make us the perfect fit for your requirement. Our team has also successfully handled field failures pertaining to rubber materials.

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Plastics Analysis

Testing of plastics is important to examine the shelf life and quality standards as per the application. Only through testing one can determine the efficiency of the product to withstand different environmental conditions.

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Paints Analysis

MICROLAB is involved in testing the quality of paint as well as its adhesive properties to give suppliers the confidence to move ahead with the most economical option to suit the application with high accuracy and reliability. The application industry varies from automotive to earth movers as cost reduction and corrosion resistance is the order of the day. The list of paint properties include.

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Civil Analysis

Our Civil Testing lab is a recently launched facility with dedicated personnel to help out with testing at client location as well as in-house. The testing includes all building material like cement, aggregate (coarse and fine), hardened concrete, bricks, blocks (pavers, solid, hollow and CLC), GSB and WMM. The highly equipped computerized laboratory, well trained, experienced field and laboratory staff perform material testing in accordance with national and international test methods.

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Fatigue and Fracture Toughness

High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) and Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) is now being tested at our location. This is a specialized mechanical testing that is handled for varying frequency and load.

Fracture toughness (KIc) values are tested for specialized materials like Titanium and Aluminium to gather information on the resistance to crack propogation. Currently with out instrumnent, a load of up to 100kN can be applied.

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About Us

MICROLAB was established in the year 2000 by Mr.S.R.Balasubramanian as a process control laboratory for his maiden venture, M/S Balaji Alloys – a Bronze / Brass base foundry. This laboratory grew over the years into a national multiple specialty test house accredited as per ISO 17025 by NABL in the following years.

Mr.S.R.Balasubramanian, is an IISc Alumni, with a master’s degree In metallurgy. His wide experience in foundry technology, welding metallurgy and corrosion science and his futuristic vision added a wide range of test facilities. The lab consists of a group of bright graduate and post graduate staff committed to be the leader in testing.

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